Coating solutions, tapes, and specialty adhesive systems

- POLISHING, ELECTRONICS, INSULATION: cloth, fabric, non-woven, film, felt coatings
- OPTICS / ELECTRONICS: polishing pads
- Athletic Tape
- CONSTRUCTION: double-faced tapes
- 3D PRINTING: base pad tapes
- EMBROIDERY: needle friendly tapes
- EMBROIDERY: water-dissolvable tapes

Shawsheen Coating and Converting, has been manufacturing adhesive coated materials (fabrics, polymers, films, foams, and other non-woven materials) to solve the specific needs of customers for over 75 years. We design, test, and manufacture high-quality, precision pressures sensitive adhesive solutions.

ISO:2008 certified establishment,
FDA medical device establishment


We use our extensive experience with finishing, coatings, and adhesive systems to help customers refine the specifications of their products to meet the needs of their end-users.


We source our own materials, acting as a valuable intermediary and source of qualified raw goods and intermediates.


We are happy to create samples, and will operate at cost in some cases to help support early-stage companies


We produce at scale - rates vary based on product specs.