From mind to market, we navigate you to shoe business success.

As a modern footwear technology company we manufacture fashion footwear prototypes, sales samples and quick-to-market small batch orders.

We are also an investment company, a footwear business incubator, filtering the world for talent and building new businesses.

From sketch to shelf, SHOE LAB NYC will help designers navigate the shoe development process. With the capability to rapidly produce prototypes, sales samples and small test run production, we enable the startup as well as the established wholesale or retail customer to speed to market with quality products and on-brand styling, gaining competitive advantage, lowering need for extensive inventory and promoting growth.


We'll sit with you and help you sketch, detail and develop your idea and create a tech pack with the details the factory needs to produce the first prototype and eventually a sales sample.


We have world class Italian and Spanish pattern makers available to realize any shoe project.


We'll assist in your finding the various material vendors specific to your designs.


Once the concept is well defined, the tech pack made and the materials gathered we'll arrange for the manufacture of the first prototype and sales samples.


We'll help you understand the costs to produce the components needed both for sampling as well as production.


Depending on the price point you want to achieve we'll find you a production facility either domestic or foreign to produce your production, guiding you through each step and acting as your agent, protecting your interests throughout the process.