Custom Sewn Clothing Your Way Using Organic, Natural and Clean Fibres

At Silver Needle & Thread we provide custom sewing services for individual clients and brands. Our focus is the utilization of organic and natural fibres. We create prototypes and samples from sketches, photos or ideas and bring them to life. We also provide patternmaking.

We offer a huge selection of organic and natural fabrics sourced in the USA and globally to include organic cotton, organic colorgrown cotton, organic hemp, organic linen, and organic wool. Our natural fibre selection includes cleaner cotton, peace silk, raw silk, linen, hemp, wool, cashmere, alpaca yarns, angora, mohair and blends.


Yes, We offer suggestions on line, cut and design of garment. Suggest appropriate fabrics, weight and textures for garment. Assist with design proportion to balance and refine desired look and style. Match appropriate hardware-notions better suited to create garment.


We provide patternmaking for all prototypes and samples we create. However, we do not offer pattern grading.


We purchase fabrics from an established resource of vendors and sell retail. Depending on project we will offer discounts according to volume needed.


We create prototype and samples from sketches, photos or ideas.


We provide spec sheets for patterns we create and guidelines of how garment was constructed.


We provide small batch production.