Quality Metalwork of all Descriptions

Founded in 2012, Smith Shop is a dynamic craft-centric metalworking studio that produces functional and ornamental metalwork specializing in the custom fabrication of gold, silver, copper, brass and steel while also producing limited production runs ranging from jewelry to architectural hardware. We work closely with our clients to design, engineer, and produce kitchenware, housewares, hardware, accessories, hollowware, tableware and more. We have minimum opening orders and prototyping fees.


We are a design-build studio that works with clients from initial concept through production. We can help at any stage of the process. We prefer to be involved from the beginning to help guide clients towards good design, engineering and appropriate and authentic material sourcing and use.


We source materials for production.


We typically create prototypes or samples for a client to review before moving into production


We frequently create custom tooling for a production run. Such fixtures are typically rolled into the cost of an order.


We do limited production runs of up to approximately 1000 pieces per year. Generally, we are flexible and can do small or medium sized runs. We do have a minimum order amount which is based on dollar amount not pieces.