Expert Fabric Sourcing / Domestic Production / Business Consultation

90% Successful finding the fabrics my customers request. Domestic fabrics; knits and wovens;. Low mininums on fabric stock items.
Print development, garment dye, new fabric development and textile production. Domestic Fabric Sourcing. Skilled negotiator.
Consultation on domestic GARMENT production projects; focus on Made in America garments.


I help refine product ideas, by helping the designer/ company make the proper fabric choices and fabric supplier choices. Help customer evaluate their choices by careful examination of availability, pricing, timetable, order requirements, vendor requirements, alternative options, sampling and production requirements and options. and other important fabric considerations.


Yes, I help designers and manufacturers obtain their fabrics, guide and assist in the purchasing process for sample making and bulk production.


Help with the samples through fabric assistance and guidance with fabric acquisition.