"Made in USA, with Japanese craftmanship."


About SoCal Garment:
Not like other factories, we cater to the artists that seek to physically manifest their visions into a garment. SoCal Garment is an artisan factory for the artistic. SoCal Garment relies on the sole value that beyond a simple garment lie more opportunities to pursue individual perspectives in one’s lifestyle. We believe there is life beyond a garment that is distributed by a factory.

Our factory’s approach to product development employs trained eyes, many skilled hands and the value of absolute communication between our clients. Our personnel consist... (more)


Products from our factory realize both simple and sophisticated interpretations of high end casual wear, wherein reflections of seasonal fashion trends or timeless style and culture in men's and women's apparel attract the most discerning clients. We have the capacity to do Knit, light weight woven, heavy weight woven, and denim garments so anything is possible. Our talented development + discerning production team will create the product you envision and will guide you through every step of the way. From design samples, tech packs, or hard patterns; we can help create the garment that our client envisions.


We have a experienced pattern-maker with the ability to work with a variety of different fabrics for any garment that our client wants to create. We possess the Toray ACS CAD system known as “CREACOMPO”, an entire CAD software series for apparel. To accommodate this highly efficient system, we are equipped with a sample pattern plotter, marker plotter, and scanner. Applying to every pattern we create, we can make changes to any part at any time to craft and produce the absolute perfect men's or women's garment that are client requests.


We have agent who has years of experience within the realm of fabrics. We have access to fabrics from Japan. We also have the capabilities of custom knitting fabrics domestically in the USA; knits, wovens, and denim as well. With the capacity of fabrics, we can unlock the potential of design DNA that typical factories do not have access to.


The development team work closely with our pattern maker to create the garment samples that our client require. We take into every account of the garment producing the perfect drape and aesthetic that are requested to be intertwined. For all sample garments, we have full control of timing, changes, and fit during development; which is why we choose to do all development here at SoCal Garment. For those who would like to go through our South East Asia Program, all sample garments are produced at our factory to allow easy flow of communication through the development stage of production. With this process for both domestic and overseas development, we can offer more thorough critiques and details to create the most efficient production.


Our compact factory provides a range of industry standard and specialized sewing capabilities. Equipped with following sewing machinery,we have the tools to produce knit, woven and denim apparel to the last detail. With the Toray ACS System, we have the capabilities to transmit data overseas to our affiliate factory in South-East Asia instantly.We offer ease of performing grading and marking for our customers. Also with this feature; for those who choose to go through our South East Asia Production, not only does it cut time relying on data being transmitted and converted into other CAD systems.


Every stage of garment construction is meticulously assembled for every stitch to be accounted for. All sewing operators are carefully interviewed and required to meet sewing skill expectations that are essential to attaining "SoCal Quality" level garments. Our in-process quality control system is designed to provide a defect free garment that will meet your exact specifications.