Hand Made Knitwear and Crochet

SOSA Knitwear is a New Jersey based hand knitwear and crochet sample making company that is focused on helping designers take their ideas from 2D to a finished sample. From sketch or production flat to muslin or knitting pattern, SOSA knitwear will work with you, in whatever stage of the process you are at, to create a finished sample that we can then put into production.


SOSA Knitwear is happy to consult and give suggestions to clients who may need assistance with the direction of their design.


SOSA Knitwear is capable of assisting in pattern making.


SOSA Knitwear's main goal is to create a finished sample that the designer can take to a factory to be produced.


We are capable of handling small scale production orders. We need an 8-15 week lead time from the time we receive the yarns and designs to the time the knits are ready.