A very specialized source of Stretch Fabrics!

Spandex House maintains the largest selection of Spandex and Lycra. Users are mainly professional Costume Designers, Dancers, Wrestlers, Ice and Figure Skaters, Exotic Dancers. Spandex House is the major supplier of fabrics for Gym wear, Swim wear, Circus and Ballet costumes and all sports-wear. We carry Nylon Lycra, Cotton Lycra, Stretch Metallic, Stretch Holograms, Slinky, Stretch Velvet, Sheer Mesh, Sheer Illusion, Sufflex etc.
Our customers include, but not limited to, designers from ballet, Broadway shows, Hollywood movies, figure skating industries, individual or small business designers and many more. We were the primary fabric supplier for many Hollywood movies, such as Spiderman,... (more)


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