We Build Quality Handcrafted American Upholstery

Our workshop is a 18,000 square foot space located High Point, North Carolina. Within these walls, we have a fully outfitted woodshop (complete with six table saws, five jointers, four bandsaws, three planers, air compressors, drill press, three wide belt sander, CNC routers, three feed saw tables, rotary saw, vertical saw, dust collection ventilation, double dowel boring machines, five knock up stations, four spring up stations, five eight way hand tying stations, kiln drier oven for kiln dried lumber, raw sealers, etc.).

Our space also provides two finishing rooms (two spray booths and two drying rooms with a down-draft vent... (more)


During the initial consultation, we ask a few questions, learning about the client’s desires, preferences, timeline, and budget. We often trade photos and sketches back and forth trying to get a real sense of options available to the client.


After the initial consultation, we spend a few days here at the design studio coming up with a preliminary design or two as well as a price estimate. Over the course of a few phone calls, emails, and revisions a final design and price is determined and submitted to the client for approval.


All projects begin at the same place – sourcing materials. Our lumber from North Carolina. The Oak and Poplar, Maple we use comes from a source in the Carolinas that painstakingly checks to make sure the wood is responsibly harvested. Many of the textiles we use are vintage and antique, however we pull our fabrics from three local American textile mills. And our reclaimed and heritage woods either come from old teardowns in the state of NC, from local salvage yards or from fallen trees in Virginia. The majority of our projects are made with domestic solid woods, such as Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Poplar. Some of these woods originate from mills in the Delaware /Pennsylvania and on the Canadian Border. We choose to buy and hand select our woods here for their quality. The wood comes directly from the property and has been properly kiln dried to ensure proper moisture content. Kiln drying also preserves the wood strength that is normally lost in the moisture kept from the air drying processes.


When producing a small production run of home goods, a sample or prototype is created for approval by the client. If the order is a one-off creation, a final drawing is approved before creation.


We work with designers, large and small to create products that are one offs, small batches, and large batches.