Ideation, Design, Pattern & Sample Maker


I am a product developer based in Tacoma, Washington. I love taking clients dreams and making them a reality.

I have worked with many brands, startups, and individuals. My focus is designing products that are ready for the manufacturing floor. I have a background on the manufacturing end of the business, so I know the ins and outs of taking a product from an idea on a napkin to a physical product off the production line.

Shoot me a message and we can discuss your project!

Notable clients:
Charity Water
K2 Skis
Moment Lens


Your ideas need to be meticulously crafted into a beautiful sketch that is able to portray your product in physical form. I do that by taking the time to discuss and document all of your ideas of function, form, and aesthetic and turning it into a beautiful drawing of your product.


Pattern making is a key part to the success of your product. I take the technical drawings I have created and map out each and every detail in your product as a flat lay that can be used to cut and sew your product.


I have a 4,000sf shop with 15 industrial sewing machines and a ton of tools that I won't bore you with. I am a skilled craftsmen and seamster, so taking your product from pattern to physical sample is my passion. Check out the samples on my website to see what you can expect.