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Joe Lachance

Thank you! This is hands down the best website out there with this information. We had been looking for over 8 months without any luck, and we found 5-10 very worthy manufacturers within the first couple weeks. Well worth the money. Thank you.

Beth Ellis

OMG! ~ Maker’s Row was the best thing that has ever happened to our business! It does not only matter if you have a great product, at a great price and offer great customer service. What really matters most for business growth is that you place yourself in front of the right niche audience. We offer wholesale custom woven damask clothing labels from the US. Having so many apparel designers in one spot (Maker’s Row!) is amazing for traffic. The audience couldn’t be more appropriate for those who supply to that industry. We joined Maker’s Row last summer. After years of "tweaking" and playing with (very) expensive Google Adwords campaigns, we could not believe what was happening...Maker’s Row was bringing us more qualified leads that lead to more sales in just one month, than we were for over 6 months with Adwords. So, we reduced our campaign budget (which in itself saved a ton of money!) and we decided to become a premium member of Maker’s Row. We knew we weren’t going anywhere else! Each month was built upon the prior month and referrals from happy customers were coming from everywhere. We just don’t know what else to say except how THRILLED we are that Maker’s Row, a much needed source for designers and factories finally find each other! What a great match! THANK YOU MAKER’S ROW!

Just had a fantastic meeting with a new client that we met through @MakersRow. This this one might be a fun one. #product #interiors

Mitch Cahn
Factory Unionwear

At first, Unionwear was very surprised at how quickly Maker’s Row was generating qualified leads for our custom hat and bag cut and sew. But then we realized that there was nothing like Maker’s Row in the marketplace — no way for designers to easily find domestic textile factories and filter through their capabilities and market niches to find a perfect match. We have even begun using Maker’s Row to find raw materials, and an additional benefit is that we now have a place to send clients who are looking for products, materials, or quantities that are not in our wheelhouse and know that they will find a domestic source.

I just published my @MakersRow profile two days ago, and I already have a quality lead and pending meeting! Cool!

Factory Sewn Goods

This has worked great for me! Until Maker’s Row I would get my work mainly by word of mouth referrals and from being in the needle trade community here in Seattle. Since I started using Maker’s I have a lot more work coming in for Sewn Goods. Because of that I can really choose the projects that I want to do. Thanks to you and your team for providing such an amazing service. You guys are awesome!!!

Susan Mocarski
Designer Cleverhood

I started an apparel business 2 years ago and slugged through bad leads of failed businesses, visited countless factories, spoke with and emailed hundreds if not thousands of suppliers. Your listings are great, thorough and would have my life SO much easier. Happily and frequently I direct newer (or older businesses moving back to US production) businesses to your site.

Karen Kupke
Designer RetroWhere?

Maker’s Row rocks!!! I’ve been searching for years, literally to find U.S. manufacturers for my handbags. I had my first successful run made in China, and am soooo glad that I found you! I feel like I hit the jackpot.

Found some great resources at your site, talking with them about work now! Thanks.

Jack Evans

We love Maker’s Row, and the designers that find us through it.

Found a very responsive and helpful manufacturer right here in Brooklyn thanks to @MakersRow

This site is great! I was able to find suppliers on here for our new line. Designers resources in one place. Finally. Thanks Maker’s Row!

Roberto Torres

It is because of Maker’s Row that we were able to find manufacturers in the US and launch our Kickstarter Project!

Jeff Sheldon
Designer Ugmonk

I have pages filled with product concepts that I’d like to produce. One of the hardest parts about running a small brand is sourcing, and Maker’s Row has already been an awesome resource. For the last couple years I’ve been searching for a place to make custom bags and I finally found the exact type of manufacturer that I’ve been looking for through Maker’s Row.

Nicole Levy
Factory Baikal

Maker’s Row has evolved the designer to manufacturer relationship. Handbag designers can now connect with us in such a quick, effective way thanks to this site. No longer do you have to go through word of mouth to get access to the best manufacturers in town. Our business has grown and the designers can find us with the click of a button. It’s a win-win situation.

Elise Avera

Maker’s Row has been an invaluable resource for Leon + Bella. In the past, we spent countless hours doing outside research and sourcing, until now. It has been such a timesaver to have many resources all in one place.

Tamar Daniel
Designer Bradamant

It’s so exciting to finally have a resource like Maker’s Row. For those of us who are committed to making production work in the garment district, now there is a place to share relationships, tips, warnings and recommendations. This will also hold the factories to a high standard, and level the playing field for new arrivals. Best of all — we can drive business to the great vendors who work so hard to deserve it!

John Canfield
Factory High Above

The daily client emails I get through Maker’s Row has greatly helped define and evolve my business. Through the site’s innovative descriptions, potential clients are given a head start in understanding the process of bringing a product to life.

Melissa Hall

Maker’s Row has solved a void in the apparel industry with their comprehensive database that makes factory sourcing easy and educational. By providing information that is accessible and relevant, they’ve opened up the much-needed conversation between designers and vendors while also helping to revive American manufacturing.

Alex Bogusky

@MakersRow is one of the most important steps to reshoring manufacturing. I used it to find a factory. It works!


@MakersRow turns the sometimes harrowing experience of researching factories into basically online shopping. Easy Peasy!

Found some great resources there! New website @MakersRow connects you to American manufacturers.

Ali Zacharias

THIS COMPANY IS GENIUS! Our industry was yearning for this site! Thank you!

Jenn Romero

I’ve been looking for something like this forever! Finding manufacturers is not easy.

Designer Xmittens

Thanks, thanks, thanks! Your website is going to be so helpful as I expand my business!

Lara Miller

Omg, @MakersRow is incredible! Chicago designers here’s an awesome resource for all your contractor & supplier needs!

Joshua D. Johnson

Really liking @MakersRow and their objectives. It makes sense as a customer, manufacturer and supplier to have access.

Erica Murphy
Designer Nula

I was looking for an obscure type of elastic from a US producer, but had no luck. Then I searched Maker’s Row and I was ordering samples 5 minutes later. AMAZING!

Jennifer Anderson

When I started my business last year I had a business background but little knowledge of the textile industry. I spent weeks doing Google searches, mining my network, and cold-calling. Without a personal connection or a long history in the industry many of the manufacturers and suppliers that I was able to find either didn't respond or didn't take me seriously. Then I found Maker's Row. I was able to search for local manufacturers and suppliers, set up face-to-face meetings, and finally start moving my idea forward. A year later we launched Thank you Maker's Row!

Lina Nasr
Designer Hair Uppsy

I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous and brilliant site. I am an inventor and after months of searching for manufacturers online, and on Alibaba, and on Thomas.Net with no luck … you guys and your site where heaven sent, you helped me find a magnificent manufacturer in NY, AND you provided me with consultation on initial production costs. I have been working with the manufacturer found on your site for 2 months now, happily.

Kimberly McKinley
CEO & Founder Kiki Lynn

I first learned about Maker's Row from a friend in mid-2013 when I was just starting my women's apparel collection, Kiki Lynn. Because producing in the USA with mostly domestic materials was critical for my brand, I immediately went to the Maker's Row website and began searching for domestic factories and fabric and components vendors. I found the site very user friendly and I do not know how I would have found this information on my own! I am still using the button and thread vendors I found on Maker's Row and perhaps most importantly, I have a wonderful relationship with my Brooklyn, NY based factory that I also found on Maker's Row. I launched in July 2014 and still use Maker's Row when searching for new vendors.

Andy Archer

We knew we wanted to create the most comfortable, best-looking lounge pants for men but we had no idea where to start in regards to production. Maker's Row provided the blueprint and helped us find the partners that we needed to make our vision a reality. We could not have done it with out them. Thank you!

Asher Johnson
Founder/President VesuviusUSA

Maker's Row is fantastic. They helped me find the manufacturers I needed quickly when my own research didn't come up with anything worthwhile.

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