Product Creation and Advanced Innovation Hub for the apparel industry, specializing in pattern making, samples, and prototypes

Studio317 is an Advanced Innovation and Prototype studio for a wide range of Apparel and Soft Good products, based in Portland Or.

Studio317 will provide local designers and companies the opportunity to be hands-on during all the stages of the prototyping process, while creating a balance between efficiency and time.
We offer full Apparel and Soft Goods prototype services, from Pattern Making to Tech Pack, and that could include Sewing, Specs, Construction details, Costing, Production Sample and Grading, and Consulting Services in the area of Product Creation, Development, Materials and Advanced Innovation.

We also offer design and product development consulting as... (more)


We can review an idea and discuss it with the end in mind. There is always a different way to approach an idea, but that doesn't necessarily mean its a better way. We will look at the proposal in collaboration , and come to a decision as a team.


We do have experienced pattern makers who have worked in a corporate environment as well as in a factory floor.


Our materials library includes swatches and trims from all over the globe. We have a comprehensive background and experience with developing new materials and have great connections around the world.


Yes, as we are first and foremost a Prototype facility. Founded to assist with creating prototypes, from 1st sample through production sample, in a collaborative and creative way, while increasing efficiency and accuracy.