Rekindling American Craftsmanship.

We are a full service cut and sew factory. Our talented team helps companies design and craft beautiful products from start to finish.
-Canvas and Waxed Canvas Totes, Bags, and Tool Rolls
-Jeans and Jackets
-Premium Leather Wallets and Belts


We have 4 experienced designers on staff to take pen and paper to reality. Our team can take an idea and turn it into a practical, cost efficient product that is ready for the market place.


We can assist in the pattern making process and generally do.


We can broker materials for projects. Our team has been sourcing products for nearly ten years and should be able to accommodate all customers needs.


Yes, we normally make one or several samples before proceeding with production on an item. This ensures the customers highest satisfaction.


Our team has contacts that can produce dies and special equipment for production if necessary for the project.