Putting together your domestic supply chain!

Sustaintex LLC is more that a company focused on "green" textile manufacturing, but a company focused on helping you build your domestic supply chain!

From apparel to top of the bed, from knits to wovens, traditional textile products to innovative new designs, we are here to help.

With decades in the US textile supply chain we are uniquely poised to bring individuals and companies quickly to fruition. Building your supply chain can be very frustrating without understanding the right set of questions for manufacturers. Let us help end the frustration and time delays and allow you to produce and sell your... (more)


We can help you optimize and streamline your supply chain by defining its complexity.


We work with some of the best pattern makers in the country!


Sustaintex has phenomenal contacts with both large and small knitters and weavers. We can find stock items or custom weave and finish products for you.


We have several partners who can cut and sew samples, develop sewing instructions as well as tech packs.


Tooling factories produce custom tools that accelerate the production time of the end product.


Sustaintex can work with factories to mass produce, and manage your supply chain if needed. In essence we are your representative for production and quality on the manufacturers floor.