Women Owned and Operated Design and Manufacturing Powerhouse.

*Please send all inquiries to makersrow(at)suuchi(dot)com. Thanks!*

We're Suuchi Inc., and we’re here to develop your fashion line from start to finish. Whether this is your first run or your 100th, our team of experienced, talented, and devoted personnel ensures quality and efficiency.

Thanks to powerful design software & manufacturing automation, our top-of-the-line services include: design, pattern-making, sourcing, sample-cutting, grading, marking, cut & sew, and even drop shipping. All this from one location, proudly Made in USA, women owned & operated.

With low MOQs and local-to-local manufacturing, you're able to create your line on your own terms. Experience the ease, simplicity, and efficiency... (more)


Our in-house design team is dedicated to helping you refine your idea and bring it to life. We will spend time with you to understand what your inspiration is, who your potential customers are and what your vision is. Likewise, we will discuss your ideas in a way that also make sense with your pricing, revenues, and future projections. We then 'sew' together all our discussion points into sample sketches of what the final product would be. This step provides you with different views, angles and shots of the final product. It is our job to give you a clear picture so that the next step of pattern-making is easy!


Pattern-making is an incredibly crucial part of developing a fashion line. Luckily, our design team is highly skilled and experienced, making for a smooth passage through this phase! Our design team will provide you with a hard-copy pattern in various sizes. Any changes you recommend will be fed back into the patterns.


Equip yourself with a savvy sourcing manager! We source fabrics, embellishments, and trims Made in USA. Take advantage of the reduced fabric rates we've negotiated our wholesalers. If you would like special custom fabrics printed or sourced, we've got you covered. Based on your inputs, we will select swatches to present to you. After you make your selection, we start production!


Discover firsthand what your product will see and feel like with our samples! Use these samples for fitting, prototypes, or even to test the market. This step also allows us to make sure the final pieces are exactly as you envisioned them. If changes are needed, we are nimble in making them ahead of your production run.


Suuchi Ramesh, our CEO & Founder, has a background in tech and data analytics. So, by proxy, Suuchi Inc. is very invested in design software and tech automation. Our Technical Design team creates tech packs for your products, giving your idea formal and technical life. Also, since we are a vertically integrated company, your product's development runs seamlessly from end-to-end.


We started this company because we were unhappy with the manufacturing industry. 6-Month lead times, pricey MOQs, and rigid business models only cause headaches. That is why we do things our own way. Our vertically-integrated, full-package facility offers Speed-to-Market, replenishing your supply in as quickly as 5 days. Better yet, we don't have MOQs! Manage the number of production units as you see fit with our unique engagement model. Build your brand with the only design & production company that's custom-made to fit you.