Women owned & operated business making your dreams come true

Hello dreamer/designer! :)
We are Suuchi Inc, proudly women owned and operated. Diverse supplier certified by WBENC, Suuchi Inc is a champion of empowerment & inclusion employing American seamstresses.
Suuchi is a one stop full stack solution. We are a vertically integrated partner that does your fabric sourcing, design, patterns, production, and drop shipping. And all this is a 100% owned in the USA. We believe our job is to enable you and make your dreams come true. We understand you're a budding designer. And that you need hand holding to reach great heights. So we're happy moving at your... (more)


We have a design team in house dedicated to helping you refine your idea and bringing it to life. Our team has successfully launched many brands including our very own private brand. In this stage our founder or someone from our senior team will spend time with you to understand what your inspiration is, who your potential customers are and what your vision is. Our founder team has a deep background in building businesses and tying the numbers. So we will make sure that we hand hold you, chat through your ideas in a way that also make sense with your pricing, revenues, and future projections. We then 'sew' together all our discussion points into sample sketches of what the final product would be. This step provides you different views, angles and shots of the final product. It is our job to give you a clear picture so that the next step of pattern making is made easy!


We have a dedicated team that will give you a hard copy pattern in various sizes. The work we do in the ideation phase should set us up for a smooth passage through this phase. Any changes you recommend will be fed back into the patterns.


We are able to source US made fabrics, embellishments, trims and use our negotiated reduced fabric rates with our wholesalers. If you would like special custom fabrics printed or sourced, we have you covered on that too. Based on your inputs, we will select swatches to present to you. Once and only after you make your selection, we start production


We make prototypes,samples to test fits,and for your initial marketing. This step also allows us to make sure the final pieces are per your vision. If changes are needed, we are nimble in making them ahead of your larger production run


Our team of tech pack designers and technical experts give your idea formal and technical life. Since we're a vertical shop, the handoff and preparation for production happens smoothly and seamlessly from our product development to our production teams


Our differentiation is allowing some amount of custom in the mass production, like different fabrics, or size variations. But of course, we also produce standard fits and pieces. We know you are a new designer trying to make it big. We want to support you with your dreams. Let's discuss and see what works for you. We'll figure it out together.