One-stop manufacturing for the American jewelry designer

Taba Jewelry Services is an ideal place for designers taking their projects from conception to completion. If you are beginning with an idea, consult our CAD department. Have a 3D file ready to be printed? We can print and cast in 20+ metals, most of which are recycled and conflict-free.

We also offer mold making for production, stone-in-place casting, bi-metal casting, and finishing services. Call or email with your project details to find out how we can help!

Equipment & Machinery:


Whether you're beginning with a sketch for a jewelry design or a 3D file in progress, we can help create or refine the design to ensure a successful piece of jewelry.


We mold from a variety of materials so that your one-of-a-kind design can be reproduced with maximum detail and efficiency. Rubber molds are a long standing jewelry standard while silicon molds are excellent for molding from modern printed materials.


Designers can prototype in wax with our 3D printers. or metal by casting their own waxes. We can refine the shape and finish of the piece to create a master for molding.


Whether you're casting 10 or 500 pieces of your design, we can accommodate. No minimums. All produced in the United States.