Custom Fashionable Garments


My name is Tasia and I have been a seamstress for 5+ years. I am an independent seamstress with additional skills to offer. I work from my home office and I have much experience within the fashion industry and understand the difficulties and stress that a designer typically goes through with most manufacturers, contractors, seamstresses, tailors, sample makers, pattern makers, etc. Long story short it's always very time consuming, stressful, and costly. Also, the more people involved the more stressful things become. This is why I studied very hard and persevered through my challenges to perfect my skill with... (more)

Equipment & Machinery:


I have much experience with the construction of garments and always have a solution for something that is not working. If it's an idea it's possible and I will find a way to make it a reality.


Yes, I make patterns as well as grading them. Patterns do take a few attempts to get right so as part of my package I fix and tweak patterns until they're perfect free of charge.


I may purchase materials for you if you don't have the correct tools or fabrics. Of course, this will be at your cost but I don't mind helping you find what you need or want.


Yes, I create samples. I charge a flat fee for samples depending on how intricate the style is. Samples do take a few attempts to get right so as part of my package I fix and tweak samples until they're perfect free of charge just like I do with the patterns.


I offer production myself but if you choose to do production elsewhere I do offer production patterns, samples, grading, and tech packs.


I do up to 300 qty per batch as I am a small business. But my turn around time can be very quick depending on the style so we can always work something out if you need more.