In-House Patterns, Samples, and Domestic Production

We are a vertically integrated fashion, development and production house committed to providing domestic services to promote independent design. Led by apparel industry leader, Jennifer Evans, with development and small volume production studios in Los Angeles and San Francisco, we create a thriving environment for the independent designer and factory worker alike.

By offering a complete suite of development and small volume production services, we help cultivate novice and professional designers’ visions from inception to end product, in our vertically-integrated factory, offering careful professional guidance along the way. We offer custom development packages and small volume production services.... (more)


Our teams work with designers from concept through production in each of our development and production studios in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We work with designers locally or from a distance, on initial design, merchandising their lines, and technical design, to ensure it is production-friendly, sellable, and reflects their vision, under their creative direction.


TEG has a renowned team of expert pattern makers in our full-service Los Angeles and San Francisco development studios. Each patternmaker has a specialty, and provides an exceptional fit on the first samples, eliminating multiple rounds of revisions and added costs. We work with clients to determine which studio, and pattern maker, is best for their needs.


Clients provide all fabrics and trims for their projects. Our team is happy to refer sources without charge, and we also provide formal sourcing services, to locate fabrics for clients. All sources are connected directly to the client, for them to establish a direct working relationship with.


TEG's teams of samplemakers are unmatched in their quality, and diversity of skills. Our sample makers have a strong command of all garment types, and provide exceptional quality for beautifully finished garments.


TEG specializes in small-volume production. We provide in-house apparel production from 10-50 pieces per style, and factory-level production in volumes of 51-100pcs, 101-300pcs, and 301+pcs per style. We produce all categories, with a focus on high-end apparel. Our production services are known for exceptional quality and on-time deliveries, allowing guaranteed delivery dates and successful shipments for our clients. All garments are produced in Los Angeles.