Providing high quality zippers with a faster lead time

Amplify Your Customization Options:
• Our basic color card contains 80 colors and we have a dyeing facility which can also allow us to color match any color of your choice.
• We can also produce any length of zipper that you are looking for or custom make any pull of your choice.
Reduce Costs:
• TEK, like YKK, is a vertically integrated manufacturer allowing us to carefully control our quality.
• As an alternative to YKK, an emphasis on quality with attractive pricing will increase your bottom line.
• Buying direct from the factory maximizes your value and reduces mark ups by 3rd party distributors.
Faster Time to Market:
• Our manufacturing lead... (more)


We make zippers and offer recommendations for different applications. Please contact us with any questions. We also sell MOQ of 100 for all types of zippers and have seven to nine days lead times.