Delivering quality apparel in a flashy fashion.

We can help you design your brand, make patterns, source materials as well as manufacture exactly what you have in mind. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we love helping to bring your dreams into reality.


With 20+ years experience in fashion design and degrees from the Paris fashion Institute our lead designer can help you bring your ideas into actuality with practical knowledge of how to construct even the wildest of stylistic concepts.


We can create a pattern from scratch for you If you have a predetermined design or idea. Also we can help to grade patterns if you are needing several different sizes.


Sample making is a common occurrence and our customers like to have them made before beginning mass production. It is $50 per sample. Please provide the fabric, pattern, check or money order and the prototype or sketch of design. It usually takes one day to complete a sample and have it shipped back to you for inspection/approval.


Yes we are very accustomed to mass production and have a highly skilled team to produce a fast turn around.