Brand Builders. Visionaries. Cutlivators

The Accessory Think Tank (often abbreviated to TATT) is a consulting,
sales, & branding firm with perspective, insights, analysis and relationships that lead to proven success. TATT offers consulting services for emerging and established designers around the world, since 2003.

Our clients’ range from the emerging to eminent, all of who use us to
optimize their operations, assortments, and procurement's for the market. Developing a product niche and a brand voice for each client. Our clients include PONO by Joan Goodman Jewelry, Joanna Maxham Handbags, Danielle Lehavi Handbags & shoes, Carrie K. Jewelry, The M Bag, Heirloom Handbags, Monserrat De Luca Handbags... (more)


Our extensive portfolio of clients reflex our strong body of work and success within the accessory industry. We understand the competitive landscape and work with each client to develop, design, source, manufacture and market our clients to the top specialty and department store retailer. Our talented and very experienced team of designers work with each client to define product assortments that are unique, fill a void and helps the clients to gain credibility within the market.


Our personal relationships with so many talented and experienced pattern makers, allows us to provide our clients with quality patterns at a fair price. We make sure the client is involved in the whole process.


We develop textiles exclusively for clients. We also work with material and fabric suppliers through out the world including the United States, Italy, Spain and India. Nancy Forman, also consults these manufactures and suppliers providing insights and direction on color, texture and trend forecasting direction each season. We provide materials to create an entire brand and then work on the production process. Our material portfolio includes Leather, Eco friendly/Sustainable Non-Leather, fabrics including 100% organic cotton and machine embroidery and hand embellishments. We also develop custom materials and so much more. Our suppliers provide material to the top luxury brands internationally.


Our extensive network of factories manufactures quality samples and production. The long term personal relationships and loyalty is reflected in the sample making experience for the clients.


Tooling factories produce custom tools that accelerate the production time of the end product.


We have the capability and experience of producing large volume orders. We also can produce small volumes for the newer brands. We are so careful and thoughtful on production minimums and costs.