Smart Fabric Production Technologies

We invent and produce materials to help brands and manufacturers enter the smart apparel or wearables markets.

We produce the following materials:
- Conductive ink based fabric circuit boards - We screen print our proprietary conductive ink onto either muslin or Lycra according to your art. No art? No problem! We can help you develop this.
- Etched copper fabric circuit boards - We will etch fabric to make a textile circuit board according to your specifications.
- Sewable components - We produce components made to be machine sewn onto a fabric circuit board.

Use cases for these materials:
- Illuminated biking jacket to keep professional... (more)


We create and sell fabric-based circuit boards that are fabricated according to your specifications. If you need engineering help to create art for your circuit board, please get in touch. Our smart fabric circuits are created on the following materials: -Muslin -Taffeta -Lycra


We can mass produce fabric circuit boards, which are used as a base for smart apparel. For example, we can produce a stretchy, screen printed circuit that can be used to create a posture tracking base-layer.