Manufacturers of Jewelry Displays since 1954

The Jewelry Tray & Pad Co. was founded in 1954 and has been family operated ever since. All of our products are made and distributed from our headquarters in Ridgefield, New Jersey. We strive for excellence both in quality of our product and customer service. We have a wide variety of products geared for displaying jewelry, headbands, belts, to even silverware. Our items, are all made in the USA, high quality, long lasting, and durable, which is why our customers continue to rely on us for their showroom, display, or storage needs. We look forward... (more)


We can help you find the perfect way to display your item whether it be for storefronts, showrooms, or even for storage needs.


We can sell directly or provide all the materials you need for your project.


We can always make a sample for you to refine and perfect and we can do the rest!


These factories will mass produce your designs.