Textile Product Development & Small Batch Manufacturing

The Textile Innovation & Design Entrepreneurship Manufacturing Resource Center (TIDE MRC) specializes in the development, testing, small batch manufacturing/sampling of textiles (knits and wovens) and yarns. We also offer services in the laser cutting of fabric.

We help design entrepreneurs and makers transition from small DIY start-ups into the domain of value chain, made-in-the-USA manufacturing relevant to fiber, yarn, fabric and quilt making. We operate in South Carolina.

How we can help:

+ Small Batch Dobby weaving (any 18 body harness dobby design)
+ Small Batch Rapier Weaving (Broadcloth sample in dobby weave)
+ Small Batch Circular Knit (22 gauge for 15 to 24... (more)


We help design entrepreneurs to design, develop and test textile products from raw staple fiber through to the small batch manufacturing of woven or knit fabrics. We also test and dye yarns and textiles. We can also reverse engineer textiles in an effort to develop new fabrics based upon provided fabric samples.




Not currently, but we are developing our own line of yarns from recycled, post-consumer textiles. Through our fiber conversion resources, we can help your brand develop a custom yarn batch from recycled materials. Right now, we develop and manufacture small batches of yarns as well as knit and woven textiles for our customers.


Yes. We create samples, as per the client specifications.