From Idea to Manufacture: Design Development for Early Career Designers

Pre-Production Project Management
Design Development
Flat Illustrations
Pattern Making (Industrial .dxf files and paper patterns for home sewers/hobbyists)
Sample Making
Tech Pack Compilation
Sourcing Support


I assist designers in creating apparel that fits the human form well, operates well mechanically, and ensures the best outcomes for satisfied customers.


I create patterns for designers in multiple formats including electronic .dxf files for industry, oak tag, and/or home sewer paper patterns. I am able to create patterns and to grade them into several different size categories using your grade rules, or basic grading principles.


I support sourcing research for designers.


I create high quality samples for use as manufacturing prototypes, retail or wholesale samples, or design development samples.


I produce complete tech pack materials and samples for industry.


I am a contract employee of AZ Fashion Source, and they do small and large batch production for early career designers.