Make a BIG Splash With Custom Apparel!

Water-Based Printing

Our Water-Based inks are perfect for creating unique printed apparel that is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.

The secret is the ink's low viscosity, which allows it to completely permeate the garment's fibers, unlike standard inks which rest on top of the fabric. Since WB inks essentially become part of the garment, they create prints that are extremely breathable, soft to the touch, and that wear better over time. These inks print brightly colored designs best on lighter colored apparel that is made from natural materials. When printed on a darker colored apparel, WB Inks give the design more of a vintage/faded look.

This is a closeup of a 6 color water-based printed tshirt we did for artist Richard Pool. You can see how the water-based inks blend with the fibers of the shirt instead of sitting on top of them, creating a more breathable/wearable shirt.