Bring Your Idea To Life - Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing for Small Businesses / Inventors

I started Trips Creative after I had an idea for a project I wanted to manufacture and sell. I didn't have the money that design firm were quoting me and none of them would do a budget friendly one-off prototype. I searched high and low for a small business design firm like Trips Creative but had no luck.

Frustrated with the situation I outfitted my own shop with basic tools and added tools consistently from there. Eventually I acquired a CNC machine and laser cutter to add high quality design / manufacturing services to my portfolio. I had... (more)


Our designers help you think outside of the box and design everything from the ordinary to the sublime. So often we get stuck because we neglect to pause, look at the process we have, and decide to improve it. We can look at your existing idea and then work with you to provide manufacturing input and decide how to make your idea a working product.


We sell / provide most materials used within our manufacturing. We prefer to use the absolute best materials in manufacturing so controlling the materials sourced is extremely important to us. In addition as we buy for all our customers, we can get the price down from our suppliers. We have a wide variety of sources for materials. From small local sawmills, to reclaimed wood, we can find nearly any piece of wood that you could need. We have access to wide wood slabs for table tops or desks, as well as exotics from all over the world. Our facility has a large stock of materials to facilitate rapid prototyping times and production of certain products. We are happy to provide you with any wooden materials that you are looking for, either directly or through one of our many suppliers. This can include semi-finished wooden items such as surfaced lumber, sanded slabs, rough cut parts.


We have worked with many customers to create their proof of concept samples. As a complete custom design and manufacturing shop, we have the ability to do very customized runs of your sample products all while staying within your budget and timeline.


We handle all custom tooling and whatever else is needed to complete your requests.


Our capabilities include both small and large production runs of your products. When I started Trips Creative it was because there were zero manufacturers wanting to do one-off or small batches. So with that in mind I decided to provide a place where inventors such as myself could go to get their product off the ground affordably.