Custom carbon fiber & composite works.

We specialize in the latest carbon fiber and advanced composite technologies, designing and fabricating a wide variety of impressive high-performance products. Our carbon fiber objects often have a spooky lightness along with their high strength, and the woven fiber can show a beautiful finish.

Talk to us about incorporating carbon in your designs; we've built parts ranging from sport and racecar components to lightweight ladders, ramps, and furniture, through large architectural pieces, and we'll diligently apply our knowledge to make your product a success.

Bring us your concepts that seem impossibly lightweight or curvy -- carbon fiber and/or other advanced materials... (more)


We work with you to refine your concept and design to take best advantage of the available advanced composite materials and processes. This includes informing you about the material properties and processes relevant to your concept, suggestions to improve your concept to take maximum advantage of these properties, design for manufacturing ability, and providing high-performance and high-function design experience to help transform a great concept into the best possible design.


We source and provide all the materials required to make the tools, workpieces, and/or components.


We can provide samples of raw and finished materials.


We provide all the services necessary to transform a design into the set of tools and patterns required to fabricate parts. We start with a 3D CAD model, either from a file you provide or built by us from your design. The 3D model is used to design an appropriate set of molds and tools to make the parts, and a set of cutting toolpaths is made to fabricate the molds and tools on the CNC (computer-numerically-controlled) cutting machines. The molds are then manually finished to the required surface properties necessary to produce the parts.


We produce all types of carbon fiber and advanced composite parts in small or medium quantities, and can scale to large quantities.