Full Service Apparel Product Development & Production Management

Trunkist is a full-service Product Development and Production Management company. In addition to our services, we feature a Pre-Order eCommerce platform to help you create demand and pay for production, in advance of placing production orders.

Our Services Include:
• Initial Product Design Brainstorming, Concept Creation
• Technical Apparel Design in partnership with an experienced Trunkist Fashion Designer
• Materials & Notions Sourcing
• Tech Pack Creation
• Digital Pattern Making
• Production-Ready Sample Making
• Garment Fit Tests
• Digital Grading and Marking
• Production Planning & Management

We work with trusted manufacturing partners, in the USA and overseas, for high-quality, small, medium, and large production runs. Additionally, our partners support us in specialty sample-making, as necessary.

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Imagine an amazing product that your audience and target market must have. Sketch it, describe it, Pinterest it…the key is that we know where your apparel inspiration begins. The Trunkist In-House Fashion Design Team collaborates directly with you during this ideation stage.


We use a trusted partner to create all patterns digitally. We refine and perfect all patterns through our fitting process. Our in-house, expert fit specialist makes the final pattern adjustments to ensure each garment fits in accordance with it's unique design requirements.


Through trusted partners, we source all materials for sampling and production.


Our in-house sample-makers have years of experience creating muslin and production-ready (i.e. final) samples. If required per unique design specifications or expertise, we contract a trusted partner to create samples.


We prepare brands for production, as well as manage production fulfillment through our trusted partners. Specifically, we ensure the factory is wholly setup to successfully, produce each of the garments we develop. This includes providing tech packs, digital patterns, markers, a quality assurance checklist, and all necessary materials.