Plastic Prototypes & Production 2D & 3D Design

We are a manufacturer of plastic injection molded parts. We can help you from concept, through 3D design, prototyping & production of your plastic injection molded parts. Also, if you have a sketch or print of your part, we can turn it into a 3D model to make it easier to get accurate quotes.


We help customers from concept through production by guiding them and answering questions. If we can't do it, we will tell you who can. We can create the 3D model from your napkin sketch, or print, very inexpensively. We can help with design tweaks where needed using Solidworks 3D software. We can create the rapid prototypes by SLA, SLS, FDM, cast urethane, machining or actual injection molded parts, whatever is needed for the project.


We provide the prototypes & many times can help guide customers to where they can get needed materials for parts that are not injection moldable.


We can create prototypes via SLA, SLS, FDM, cast urethane as well as molded prototypes.


We can build any tooling necessary to make your custom plastic parts.


We have enough plastic injection molding machines to produce 1 part, or several million parts. 30 ton to 130 ton capacities, up to 8 ounces.