Fashion is our Passion

U.S.A stitch is a manufacturer of high end clothing, boutique street-wear, and custom clothing. Manufacturing and embroidery is at the core of our expertise. Our facility has 72 embroidery heads, as well as a state of the art laser etching machine. Our factory enables us to control and deliver the best products to our customers. We offer an extensive selection of services to fit out our clients needs.

We are a second generation manufacturing and embroidery company that has been producing quality garments for over 33 years. Since our opening we have worked with many designers, schools, sports... (more)


We can help provide our professional expertise on your designs. We have seen many successful and unsuccessful brands so we want to make sure that our clients are advised properly so that they can develop prosperous brand. Our success is your success.


We create samples for clients that intend to run large quantity orders. We charge a fee for Samples depending on what is requested.


Yes, we do mass production runs for many of our clients. We can support large embroidery orders. We have done work for large companies including Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren, Pyscho Bunny, Burberry, and many more. We also do a lot of work for local Police departments as well as municipal contracts.