private label dependable quality sewn products


Between the owner, Ernest and manager, Russ, there is 90 + years of experience for you to draw on. We will help make you product as efficient as possible to produce and made to last, while keeping your designs goals intact.


We can make your product come to life from drawings or sketches. To save time many customers bring a rough sample so they can have the basic size and shape nailed down before we start to work with it. We also work with outside pattern / sample makers in case we can't meet your timeline.


We stock some basic items, but mostly customer's provide their own materials, this helps keep your product unique. We will share any information we have to help you source materials.


Yes- all wrapped up with the pattern making capabilities.


We will handle getting the patterns made into cutting dies. The dies will be checked when they come in, marked and cutting tickets created for production.


That is what we are here for! We will do small runs of 24 pieces / style / color, and work with you to get a product into production so we can both profit from it.