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Weft is a new technology for custom woven textiles that enables anyone to transform design ideas into intricately patterned woven cloth, 1 yard or 100 yards at once. Upload your design, edit your pattern and order your fabric today!

We support orders as small as 3 yards and we deliver to your door in 3 weeks or less. Explore our range of textile qualities and easily transform your unique design ideas into beautiful woven fabric.

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Use the Weft Digital Loom to translate any artwork idea into a woven Jacquard textile. Use our FAQs to develop an understanding of repeating pattern and color reduction processes in Photoshop. Order a Sample Pack to get a sense of the physical quality of each type of fabric we offer.


Store multiple versions of your designs in the Weft Digital Loom. Explore our "open source" options and designs that can be easily recolored or changed.


We provide Jacquard woven fabric in a range of materials suitable for upholstery, drapery, accessories and product development.


Order the Weft Sample Pack to try our our fabrics today!


Order as little as 1 yard of our plain fabrics delivered to your door in 1 week (continental US) or 3 yards of custom woven Jacquard fabric delivered in 3 weeks or less. We accept orders of any scale from 1 to 1000 yards.