Founded by an industrial designer, specializing in custom work, prototypes, & small-med production runs for designers, retailers, & artists

Whetstone Workshop offers fully integrated fabrication services from design consulting and prototyping, to building custom pieces and completing production runs.

We work with each client and his or her project on an individual basis. Our speciality is complete oversight from initial concepts all the way through to production. Our extensive supply network and experience working with metal allows us to offer a variety of fabrication solutions to our clients. Some of our primary capabilities are listed below.

Working in Stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Bronze, Copper, Brass, and Aluminum
Welding and Brazing
Casting/Pattern Making
Custom finishes: Patinas, Oxides, Brushed or Hammered Finishes
Precision Assembly
Grinding and Polishing
Incorporation... (more)


We provide metal working expertise to all our customers. Whether it's helping you choose the right metal, designing functional hardware for your project, or creating the beautiful custom finish you've envisioned.


We work with our customers on an ongoing basis: At the beginning when you need material input and cost consulting for your final design. In the middle, as we prototype and work out important details. And during project completion, when we ship and deliver the final pieces.


We source all materials used in fabrication including metals, wood, textiles, glass, plastics as well as more exotic materials.


We are able to create finish samples, models, and prototypes for all our work.


We source, build, or provide all tooling for manufacturing.


We specialize in small and medium production runs.