Flat patterning backed with apparel production experience

Hi...I'm Brianne!

I have worked within the Chicago apparel manufacturing scene for over 10 years.

My specialty is developing factory ready patterns with an emphasis on a great and consistent fit while lowering the sewing labor costs.

Sewing has been an underlying theme within my family for many generations...

My story starts there...learning to sew from my mother on a 1970's Kenmore table top sewing machine that she received as a high school graduation present. If you are a sewing machine connoisseur, you know...those are amazing machines! They truly don't make them like they used to, am I... (more)


With extensive apparel production background, I can give guidance on making your product factory ready.


Almost 10 years of experience with a concentration in Women's knits. We are here to help with any of your flat patterning needs.


Sampling sewn off using industry standard equipment and methods