Amaze your feet.

We provide high-quality sock knitting services. Our equipment includes both 120- and 200-needle knitting machines.


We will provide assistance helping our customers understand the technical capabilities and limitations of the knitting process. We strongly suggest that anyone new to sock manufacturing and who desires a better understanding of hosiery and knitting contact the Manufacturing Solutions Center in Conover, NC, and take advantage of either their 1-day Hosiery 101 course, or 2-day Legwear Development for Entrepreneurs seminar, both of which provide an overview of sock knitting and structure, materials and the basic manufacturing process for socks. More information on their offerings can be found here: Hosiery 101: google "MSC hosiery 101 registration", Legwear Development for Entrepreneurs: google "MSC Legwear Development for Entrepreneurs" We also accept referrals from the Manufacturing Solutions Center programs.


We expect our customers to provide visual pattern artwork for their socks. We can assist with the technical aspects of pattern development, and limited graphics services. However, development of complex visual patterns for hosiery is a non-trivial process. We expect our customers to have some graphics capabilities and to be able to collaborate in the creation of pattern files.


We can source the yarn required by our knitting machines, and in many cases, we prefer to do so.


Will will provide physical samples for approval before beginning production. We charge for the sampling process, based on the complexity of the work, and the number of iterations required for approval.


We will create knitting machine programs for all the socks we manufacture, and provide appropriate technical and production preparation.


We can accommodate both small and large production runs, depending on machine availability.