Concept to Cloth -- Digital Fabric Printing

First2Print is a large format digital fabric printing studio supplying design and custom print services to designers, merchandisers, artists, manufacturers and consumers around the world from our offices in New York and Los Angeles. The New York office is our corporate headquarters and handles our order fulfillment for both locations.


Most of our clients already know what they need from us, but we also have a great team of design consultants that will help resolve logistical issues with your printed fabric order. We can guide you with fabric suggestions that suit your idea, make spacial suggestions so that you get the most out of your order, and steer you in the right directions when it comes to color decisions. Since our clients come from such a wide range of markets, we have in depth knowledge that covers everything from motion picture costume to fashion to the home crafter.


We provide our clients with digitally printed fabric for samples and yardage. We are stocked with pre-treated cottons, nylons, wool, silks, polys and eco-friendly fabric options. If we don't have the specific fabric you need, please get in touch with us about the custom client fabric procedure.