We design, craft & produce apparel lines. We are a product development business based in NYC, specializing in athleisure, swimwear & RTW

Womenswear designer team based in NYC.

We are involved in every step of the design and development stage all through production. We have a hands on approach within design & concept development, technical design, tech pack development, patternmaking, sampling & communicating with factories locally & overseas as well as sourcing for fabrics, trims & labor.

Our goal is to offer design services and help introduce you to factories and suppliers so you can grow your business or your network.

I created a dynamic space where we can come at any stage of design and help as little or as much as the client... (more)


We can help you in any stage of ideation by collaborating with you to create a concept, mood boards & sourcing textiles and trims and use these as reference point to design and show you ideas for line by taking your vision an putting it on paper via hand sketches. Once You choose the designs you like for your line we can develop technical sketches of these so we can use these as conversation to talk construction, layout and placement of design details.


We develop your first pattern from a rough sketch, a technical sketch or a previous style you would like to update or change. We also develop muslins to make sure the pattern is balanced, fit as you desire and the design represents what you envision before we move to the salesman sample


We develop your samples and we also collaborate with a vast community of industry veterans in different categories from leather sample development, accessories, tailored garments and denim washing and finishing.


We develop tech packs, help order and manage bulk orders, help with costing, grading, digitizing patterns and finding the right factory to produce your goods


A lot of things can get lost in translation and there is a lot of planning and follow up involved in this stage. We take care of all the planning and the legwork for you in this stage by collaborating with the right factory to take your idea from sample to the masses. We also strongly support fair trade factories