One-stop product development service to the cut & sew apparel industry

We are a professional product development service for the apparel and non-apparel sewn goods industry. Unlike other services available to our industry, we provide COMPLETE design and technical services. Our broad range extends from concept to storyboards, first patterns to production ready markers, and original samples to small production lots. Our business is to furnish you the entire package. However, if you ask us to do only a small portion of your program, we will ask the appropriate questions to ensure our portion will fit into your total picture. Our thorough, interactive approach will prevent you costly mistakes, which can... (more)


Take your concept drawings and reference materials to these factories. They will assist in refining your concept and thinking through the components involved in the Making Process.


Pattern makers will make a blueprint of your idea. They make sure your design will be well-constructed.


Material suppliers will provide you with the raw materials and components of your end product.


Sample makers will assemble the first end product prototypes.