Quality Prints, Honest Design

We're a small print shop in Denver, Colorado. By keeping our overhead small and our employee list smaller, we afford ourselves the opportunity to pay close attention to every single print, and every individual person that walks in. Our commitment to quality and consistency is the foundation we've built our business on, and keeps us thinking "small." We're a shop that started to serve the "little guy," and as our shop grows to bigger spaces and larger presses, we are committed to staying "small" in mind and spirit.


Often times a new business or clothing company will come to us with great vison of a product, but have a hard time finding the right visuals to be printed. We help people strategize by providing design & print consultation for their run.


We've been designing tees and doing high-end separation for over five years. All of our separations are done by hand, by a human.


We print runs anywhere from 12 items to 1000+. We print everything manually and focus on consistency and quality on everything we print.