Production 101

A six-day e-course to help jumpstart your design process. In this introductory course, you'll learn everything from setting brand goals, budgeting advice, and how to prepare for the factory sourcing process.

6 day email course

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Sourcing 101

Once you have worked through the product ideation phase, planned a budget, and developed the capabilities of the manufacturer, now it’s time to learn about how to find the right factory and build your sourcing action plan.

7 day email course


Make Your First Apparel Sample

Created by industry experts and top apparel manufacturers, this course walks you through the sample-making process from the first product sketch to your final production sample and all the details in between.

7 day email course


Create Your First Jewelry Sample

Ever envisioned making your own jewelry? Learn how to design your product sample on a budget! This course will walk you through the jewelry sample development phase and provide resources that can help you produce it.

7 day email course


Quality Control 101

In seven days, you will learn the role and importance of quality control from sourcing expert Liz. She will cover choosing the right suppliers, creating a quality control manual, and best practices for recovering costs when things go wrong.

7 day email course


Packaging 101

In four days, you will learn to think outside the box and the importance of thinking ABOUT the box. In this course, we will cover packaging design, production, and logistics from experts in manufacturing and distribution.

4 day email course