We are a high-end sample room / design development firm offering full support for services ranging from design to production.

From design development to sample making, we are a new generation of innovative fashion engineers fully committed to promoting ‘Made in New York’ garment manufacturing. We specialize in small productions with no minimums, curating our expertise for new designers to allow them a voice in a saturated market.

- Design / concept development
- Design sketching
- Fabric / trim / material sourcing
- Label and packaging development
- Creation of tech packs for sampling and production in both domestic and overseas factories
- Patternmaking
- Draping
- Sample making
- Production management
- Small productions with no minimums


With foundation from Parsons and the Fashion Institute of Technology in design, we understand a designer’s vision. We offer services that include design development (mood boards and trend research), label and packing development, design sketching and sourcing fabric and trims.


With tailoring and fit at the core of our craft, we specialize in translating a designer's ideas to production friendly details through patternmaking and draping.


A designer's creativity and vision shouldn't be limited by a lack of resources and materials. At Acme Design, we dedicate ourselves to sourcing an extensive range of fabric and trims so that the designer can focus on his/her brand and designs.


We offer a safety net of checks during the sample making and production development stages where a designer’s concept is most susceptible to change. Our focus is to minimize mistakes and use our expertise to save time and money.


Our services include the creation of tech packs for sampling and production in domestic and overseas factories. We ensure that the tech packs are constantly being updated and contain the most up-to-date revisions and adjustments from the time of development to final production.


We specialize in small productions with no minimums. During the production of final garment pieces, we meticulously ensure that the specifications of the designer are met and that each individual piece showcases the highest level of design and craftsmanship; this is achieved through our close and constant involvement with our New York-based factories.