Fabric/Textile Cutting, Stitching and Assembly

Allen Manufacturing specializes in meeting customer specifications in contract sewing, die cutting, light assembly and kitting. We stitch all kinds of fabrics, leathers and the like.

In the last five years, we have delivered approximately 800,000 units - all on time and less than 200 units returned due to quality.

With their emphasis on quality and 100% on-time delivery, Allen Manufacturing customers are truly satisfied.


You provide us with a prototype or your ideas and we will make the patterns for you.


Most of our customers provide their own materials. We can provide you with sources for materials and in some limited situations, we will purchase the materials for you.


Using our patterns or yours, we can create your samples.


If dies or other tooling is needed, we have the sources to get this completed on time and on budget.


Our cutting, stitching and assembly staff can produce your project on your time frame and within budget.