custom neon tubes for signs, art, or lighting

Signifier Signs is a neon shop located in Detroit's Cass Corridor. Specializing in interior neon, no job is too small, too custom, or too weird -- past work includes neon for public performance art, photography, commercial signage, and dance clubs.

Services include:
- all aspects of designing, fabricating, and installing interior neon, especially unique window signs
- design, fabrication, and installation of neon in fine art, lighting, or other contexts
- repairs, restoration, cleaning, and service of indoor neon in the Metro Detroit area


Neon is a unique material, with uncommon properties in terms of durability and electrical safety. I have experience ranging from fine art to commercial signage, and am happy to share what I've learned.


Every neon tube I make is bent by hand -- this is the state of the art process. Nobody has successfully designed a machine to bend neon as intricately as a human being can. I bend my tubes to fit a pattern, which I design on a computer and then print full scale. A successful, elegant piece of neon requires a particular logic -- I would be happy to work with you to translate your design into neon.


Are you already well-versed in designing, installing, and wiring neon, and just looking for somebody to make some high quality neon tubes for you? Look no further.


As a handmade item that requires diligent operator attention at every step of its production, neon is entirely suited to unique one-offs.


While neon is inherently handmade, there are a number of techniques involving jigs and other devices to assist in consistency and provide economy of scale across larger production runs. I would be happy to discuss what can be done to meet your particular needs.


Consistency is a constant goal of mine. While variation is inherent in any hands-on process, with care it is possible to make neon very precisely with good repeatability. I am well-versed in the techniques involved in scaling up neon production.