Made Right Here

Do you want to see the words “Made in USA” again? When you make something locally you create value in your community. Unionwear’s sustainability is built on a foundation of enduring client relationships and workplace satisfaction.

Unionwear can cut, sew, and embroider any textile accessory from scratch. With your product specs and budget we can do the math and engineering so you can produce domestically without sacrificing design integrity, even in small batches. Our patterns or yours, you can choose colors, fabrics, and trims--you control infinite possibilities.


Unionwear can make any type of sewn headwear, bag, or workwear from scratch. Send us your product and logo designs and we will help re-engineer them so we can meet your expectations of cost without sacrificing the integrity of your designs. You can also pick one of our dozens of popular (or thousands of unpopular) bag and hat patterns and just choose colors and trims like handles for bags or closures for caps.


If you would like Unionwear to make your patterns, Unionwear needs at a minimum visuals (drawings, links, samples) and finished dimensions. Any curved lines must be drawn to scale, and all dimensions between trims must be communicated (such as the distance from a buckle to the edge of the bag).


Unionwear has thousands of materials in inventory to choose from and over one hundred fabric and trim vendors. If Unionwear stocks your material, there are no minimums. You are welcome to source materials yourself and just use Unionwear for the cut and sew work. If you require a complete package… If your materials request can be sourced from our existing vendors, such as a special color of a fabric or a special width of a webbing we already carry, we will base your minimums on our minimum purchase (around 300 units for custom fabric for example). If we need to find materials from new vendors, we require higher minimums (around 1500 units for custom fabric for example).


Sample makers will assemble the first end product prototypes.


These factories will mass produce your designs.