sandals. made here. made better.

We manufacture three-point sandals by hand using recyclable materials in Geneva, NY. Our goal is to source 100% of our materials from the US. The only non-domestic material we use is a fully recyclable foam. Our emphasis is on comfort, durability and sustainability without making sacrifices in design.

We work with a domestic foam supplier to offer private label variations that are 100% American made.

12ve Degrees Corp./ Vere Sandal Company's owner has over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry. The craftsmanship and expertise in our factory is unparalleled domestically.


Industrial Design background and experience in footwear design and development.


We will create a sample size pattern and grade accordingly for production.


Full sample making capabilities and sourcing services.


We source all tooling and fully commercialize for production.


We are a fully functioning sandal factory, limited to three-point sandals.