Fashion Made In New York City

We offer services such as pattern & sample development, bulk cutting, sewing, and finishing; for both tops and bottoms, men's and women's. One of our sewing lines specializes in denim sewing with full equipment. Currently, our customers are contemporary brands, designer collections, and emerging designers. Apparels are sewn at the heart of Garment District in New York City. Fair price, on time delivery, reliable quality, professional follow-up, and respectable business communication.


We offer our comments for free to our clients when we are asked. Especially strong in providing technical support to upgrade the quality of the product.


Yes, we are experienced in creating pattern for our clients.


Yes, we make samples for our customers. Either for Catwalk, Show room, or Sales presentation with high rate of success.


We offer guidance or recommend sub-contractors such as grader/marker, or washer to our clients.


We cut, sew, and finish bulk goods for clients.