Fashion design & quality production.

Preparing that imaginative concept into a viable design that can be made continuously and putting those fabulous ideas into reality and perfect style. We are a medium sized contract manufacturer and can handle pretty large quantities very quickly and with perfect quality.


Taking a concept into production is the great excitement of the clothing industry, putting your ideas into reality is always a fun challenge. We have more than 60 years in this business and can make it better and faster than anyone.


Yes, our pattern maker has been in the clothing business for over 35 years and has done all types of patterns, kids, womens and mens. Plus many specialty sizes and also accessories.


The main fabrics are a huge part of the design, the designer must buy that but any linings, trim, elastics etc are taken care of here. We can also assist in finding the resources for fabric that you may need.


We make beautiful samples and can take care of duplicates for your salesmen as necessary.


We can make 100's or 1000's of garments a week, usually with very little lead time and we also can take care of fulfillment.