Custom Dyeing using Natural Dyes

We offer custom garment dye services on natural fibers using only plant-based colors and other natural materials. Our dyes are organically certified and sustainable. Our US-based dye houses can scale up to 1000 pounds of dyed garments per color as well as a network of artisan dyers for small custom projects.

Our capabilities include
-Scalable custom dyeing using natural dyes
-Meets light and wash standards
-Short length fabric dyeing
-Color development and match
-Prototypes and samples
-Natural organic, plant-based indigo including shibori and tie-dye techniques
-Sustainable fabric sourcing and design working in partnership with California Cloth Foundry
-Full package programs available


I am an expert in natural dyes and help companies develop their color story using natural colorants and scaling their concepts through production and finished products. I develop solutions that meet budget and timeframe expectations. I work with US-based manufacturers who can deliver custom projects and can scale to large volumes. I use only plant and insect-based dyes that are food grade or organically certified. All materials and processes are non-toxic. Services include -Color development -Lab dips and prototype development -Scalable natural dyeing with industrial equipment -Custom natural plant-based indigo dipping -Full package programs are available


We provide materials, natural dyestuffs, fabrics and are partnered with US-based manufacturing for spinning, knitting and dyeing for focused custom collections all the way through volume production.


I provide a sampling service for designers, retail brands, apparel and yarn companies. I will create a color palette that is scalable from individual, one-off production to volume runs using natural dyes, all in glowing, vibrant color.


I am partnered with dye houses in the US who will provide color sampling and low-minimum runs and can provide scalable volume from 30 lbs to hundreds of pounds of goods being dyed. We also offer fabric dyeing services from sample lengths to large volume runs and yarn skein dyeing with natural colors. We specialize in hand-dipped natural organic indigo and have a number of partners with scalable capabilities.