Ideas made real

Artifacture is a small design/build studio south of downtown Dallas that specializes in laser cutting as well as book/box making.


We have an engineering mindset and may be able to offer ideas to simplify or improve on your ideas. We can help adapt a design to fit a particular process that we use or can subcontract.


We primarily work in wood, acrylic and paper and have a good selection of vendors we work with to source those materials quickly and affordably. We may be able to source other materials depending on what it is.


Most of our larger production run projects begin with a prototyping stage to confirm we can make it well, and that it meets the client's expectations.


We can provide our design files, stencils or mounting guides as needed.


We commonly produce runs between 1-500 pieces, sometimes into 5,000+ depending on what it is. We have a wide range of capabilities so we aren't setup to mass produce any one type of thing.